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SEO Tools Gadgets and Gizmos

Tools are only as effective as the expertise of the person using them

There are hundreds if not thousands of useful seo/sem tools out there for your website, but using them all is just no good for anyone’s computer or head for that matter.

What I feel is best is if you have a small handful of tools and get good at using them, master them so you know what each thing does for what then that is better than using 10 different tools and only using parts of them.

We make our own software, hence why we get the results we do. There is no software or ‘tool’ that we haven’t trialed and tested the hell out of that is as good as what we made…..and no you can’t have it haha.

My advice is to use google as much as you can and delve into the never ending vortex of free trials before buying an expensive tool that you will no longer use, thus saving you money in the long run.

If you have found a tool that you feel that others could get good use out of then please post a link or comment below. From one business to another!

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Here ye, here ye, come get your freebies!!!!

I must be on a roll today, writing way before opening hours, but I thought I would just update you with the things that we are giving away for free.

Firstly when you call, text or email us we feel that it doesn’t cost anything to talk, so why charge people for the pleasure of bouncing ideas to and fro? So no matter when meetings are set up, phone calls are made or emails sent and read you will not be charged a penny.

Then we come to when you start creating your digital footprint on the web, we are giving every customer 2 weeks free startup, that’s 50% off the original price.

Also, no matter what you have decided to purchase with us we will take professional photographs for you to use at your leisure.

As I have mentioned before, we are big on trust and I want to make sure that we can prove our trustworthiness to you and your business by showing you what we are made of.

There are never any hidden fees, charges or small print. Companies that do this are lying in a round-about way and I feel that it is dishonest to you.

Let us prove to you what we are made of!

It doesn’t matter where your company is based in the world, we can work with you!

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What I wanted to achieve with my digital social media business

Good Day!!!

I am the owner of LT Vast Media. I wanted to build a company that helps businesses build a better relationship and conversation with their customers. I wanted to harness what they REALLY thought of your business. We did this by setting up business websites and linking it into all social networking accounts that are relevant to our clients businesses.

I know to some people that may seem complicated, but I can assure you we are trained up to a high standard and have over 12 years experience in this field.

I wanted to make sure that the clients we have pay out less than they have been doing in the past, but still get what they are paying for and more!

When your customers go home they probably say different things about you behind closed doors, and that’s what we are here to do…..get that information to you so that your can understand how they feel and what they need and want.

Did you know that 33 million adults accessed the internet every day in 2012 in the UK, more than double the 2006 figure of 16 million, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Sounds crazy right? I thought so too when I first found out.

As soon as I mention the Internet a lot of people slam the phone down or just abruptly say “NOT INTERESTED!!!” How can you not be interested when around 83% of people in your country are doing just that?

Here are some statistic charts to make this writing look colourful!

digital media networking business

social media statisticsBeautiful!

Before I forget I want to let you know that if you like our facebook page (Facebook) we will give your website a FREE SEO checkup. No strings at all. No purchase and no sales talk either.

Even if you are not from the UK, we can still work with you! Drop us an email!

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Thank you for your time and have a lovely weekend! I think I have just this second realised its the weekend…..

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