Changing the look of our website

Changing How We Look

Hello folks,

We thought we would update our followers and future followers on whats going on at LT Vast Media. We are changing the complete look of our website altogether. You will still be able to receive our posts and gain access to this site through our ‘blog’ tab. We thought that the new year is coming so why not have an overhaul on the website to mark our 5th year Anniversary of having the site running.

Our website address will not be changing, however it will look completely different. We will tweet when it is all up and running for those of you who are technically minded.

We would love to know what your thoughts and opinions are when it all goes live, so please let us know by commenting, tweeting or emailing us at:

We want to make you happy!

Existing Customers

To all of our existing customers, you don’t need to do a thing, none of this affects our relationship or how we work together.

Thank you for your time today.
CEO/Founder – LT Vast Media


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