What is the best piece of SEO advice?

The best piece of SEO advice is to focus on creating trust through everything you do online and offline.

You have two audiences: search engines and humans. The former (let’s just say “Google”) wants to show web pages that it trusts will provide a good experience to the searcher — pages that will answer their query. When you look at a page of search results, you’re looking at what Google thinks are the most trusted pages to answer the search.

When Google begins to trust your website, your natural traffic will grow and grow and grow. You won’t have to worry about algorithm changes. Your website will be crawled more deeply, your content will get indexed faster, and you’ll be able to rank for more competitive terms faster.

Humans? We basically operate on trust. All of us like to do business with companies that we trust. We like to spend time on websites that we trust. The first thing we do — subconsciously — when we visit a new website is make a quick decision about the trustworthiness of the company/site. When searchers trust you and your site, you’re much more likely to convert them into customers/leads.

If you focus on building trust in all you do, you’ll be on your way to longterm SEO success. It’s the #1 factor for search engine rankings/visibility.

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3 thoughts on “What is the best piece of SEO advice?

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    The Best SEO Advice I’ve Seen in a Long Time: Relevance is the new PR.

  2. Building trust is key for solid SEO, and being authentic is how you build that trust.

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