Privacy Online With Social Media

Have you ever sat down and thought about the government, privacy and social media? Government agencies regularly rely on social media to engage with their customers for improved citizen services and cost savings.

It is great news for local government that 98% of councils in the UK are using some form of digital or social media to engage their communities and digitise their services. This approach brings many benefits, including greater transparency, direct interaction with residents and real time customer service.

In recent years, some countries, states and local law enforcement agencies have also begun to rely on social media websites as resources. Police departments have reported using social media websites to assist in investigations, locate and track suspects, and monitor gang activity.

Without a lot of us even being aware of it, social media plays a part in everyone’s life. From the usual facebook user, right down to an email your doctor sends to a specialist or to update your records. I don’t think social media is going to slow down at all. It has only just begun!

Of course there are some issues of having or using social sites. There are privacy concerns, crime online e.g cyber bullying, organised crime, kidnapping and many more. But there are ways to make sure that your privacy online remains private. There is usually always a ‘settings’ button with ‘privacy settings’ attached.
I still get frustrated and don’t understand why people tag themselves at home on Facebook? It just doesn’t seem clever to let everyone know exactly where you live and where you are at all times.

Do you not notice how in business online everyone’s businesses seem perfect? They don’t share the downs, only the ups? I think that it’s a vital part of business and personalisation of what your business is about. We should all share the ups and downs of our life, believe it or not it helps others in the future and it helps people to feel ‘connected’ in a sense to what you do.

Don’t ever forget the simple saying whilst doing so, “You Are What You Share”.

Have a wonderful Thursday, whatever you are doing!!!!

Happy Independence day to all of the American Readers!

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